StudyMax™ is CTM’s proprietary technology platform, custom-developed for patient enrollment and retention.

StudyMax consists of 7 integrated products designed to make recruitment and retention seamless for patients and sites and to provide end-to-end visibility for sponsors. Purpose-built and based on 25 years of real-world data, StudyMax has been used in over 2,000 studies across the globe.


Screening Software

StudyMax™ Screen

Delivering the most seamless experience to fuel patient recruitment​

StudyMax™ Screen, our proprietary screening software, is designed to provide a seamless pre-screening experience for patients, leading to higher-quality referrals, improved site satisfaction, and—in turn—better recruitment results. In the last 2 years alone, StudyMax™ Screen has been used to screen more than 1 million patients across 50 countries.

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StudyMax™ Recruit

Providing sites with comprehensive, intuitive portals designed to optimize referrals

StudyMax™ Recruit is our proprietary referral management system, allowing for secure patient record transfer, site and patient engagement activities, and site tracking of all patient statuses throughout the study pipeline. Built based on extensive site feedback and used by more than 6,000 global sites, this platform enables sites to most effectively capture the data that informs optimizations.

Clinical Trial Media staff member reviewing potential clinical trial patient data

StudyMax™ Retain

Keeping patients engaged throughout their clinical trial journeys

StudyMax™ Retain is a comprehensive logistics engine that facilitates patient engagement activities with the goal of keeping patients connected to a study through completion. This platform allows us to create touchpoints throughout a clinical trial journey, ultimately focusing on patient engagement and experience to increase completion rates. StudyMax Retain has been operational in over 20 countries and has increased study completion rates by 25%.

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StudyMax™ SAM

Enabling sites to place locally targeted ads

Our StudyMax SAM platform enables sites to place their own targeted patient recruitment ads, as well as select media and run dates using sponsor-provided advertising funds. This software accommodates sites that prefer to use local dollars and ensures the money is spent in a way that delivers the best return on investment.

Clinical Trial Patient Screening in Progress

StudyMax™ Analytics

Providing end-to-end study visibility and predictability across patient recruitment efforts

Our StudyMaxAnalytics platform was designed to provide real-time insights into a sponsor’s studies with the ability to adjust strategies, optimize patient recruitment, streamline site interactions, and drive improved results. Tested across more than 1,000 studies, our purpose-built analytics software enables CTM to collect thousands of datapoints across the entire patient journey from first click through randomization. Our Sponsor Dashboard provides sponsors with a centralized, holistic view of the data and helps inform optimization in real time.

Clinical Trial Media Employee reviewing patient screening data

StudyMax™ Database

Leveraging our proprietary database to identify patients efficiently

CTM’s StudyMax™ Database includes more than 2 million highly motivated and interested individuals who have opted in to learn more about future studies. CTM’s high-touch engagement efforts result in a database with an engaged community that wants to participate in clinical research. As such, CTM uses the StudyMax Database to routinely fill enrollment for studies across all therapeutic areas, providing cost savings and predictability for our clients. Patients can visit CTM’s Explore Clinical Research site to opt in to our database for future messaging.

Marketing Meeting to Strategize Patient Recruitment

StudyMax™ Advertising Response Tracking (SMARTS™)

Tracking sites’ initial contact with patients to reduce lost-to-follow-ups

Because sites often need support to keep patients moving through the pipeline, our SMARTS feature enables us to track sites’ attempts to contact referrals in real time—from referral delivery to first contact. This allows us to intervene on a site’s behalf when we see that the site has not yet contacted a patient within 72 hours. Utilizing SMARTS™ helps ensure that no patient is lost to follow-up and increases the likelihood that patients will schedule their first office visit.

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