Technology and Data Analytics


Compliant Innovation

Privacy & Security Are Our Top Priorities

Clinical Trial Media has developed custom-built technology that meets even the strictest compliance standards. All of our standard operating procedures have been fully developed for data privacy and security compliance that cover all major global geographies.

Clinical Trial Media systems and processes ensure consistency with global regulations and frameworks, by design and default, utilizing ISO 27001, HIPAA, GDPR, and NIST CSF security criteria, national data protection frameworks, and cross border agreements and treaties.


StudyMax™ Recruit

StudyMax™ Recruit is Clinical Trial Media’s advanced, user-friendly patient recruitment, enrollment, and retention tracking system that follows the status of every patient in the pipeline in real time.

From initial inquiry, StudyMax™ Recruit tracks recruitment by both patient and investigator. Study managers always know how a study is progressing with access to a real time Sponsor Dashboard.



Sponsors expect sites to follow-up with referred patients promptly.

SMARTS™ is Clinical Trial Media’s automated patient referral platform that monitors and evaluates sites’ follow-up with patients who have passed an initial pre-screen.


Contact Center

Call center agents are often the first point of potential patient contact with a study. With CTM’s Nurse Contact Center, potential clinical study participants are screened and referred by nurses for a better patient experience.

CTM’s Nurse Contact Center can provide patient communication and screening 24/7, in any language or country.



StudyMax™Retain is Clinical Trial Media’s clinical trial retention platform that’s designed to support sites in maintaining patients enrolled in a trial. It tracks patient progress, activity, and helps to keep subjects in compliance with study requirements. StudyMax™Retain also accommodates patient communication and can operate in any language or country.