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Automated call tracking without a call center.

Sponsors deserve detailed data to track the effectiveness of their advertising spend and the call and click-through volume it yields for each site. But if sponsors don't want to use a call center, CTM's Advertising Response Tracking System (ARTS™) is the solution.


ARTS™ shows sponsors their ROI from advertising with real-time reports that detail the response each outreach medium generates. Assigned toll-free numbers log calls and distribute them appropriately in multiple site markets.

ARTS™ is completely scalable, does not require IRB approval and its IVR system can pre-screen callers to ease the burden on sites.

  • Automated call routing system.
  • Unique toll-free number for each advertising and outreach tactic.
  • Call tracking for each site in real time.
  • Detailed cost-per-call figures used to optimize media buy.
  • Metrics often integrated with CLASS™ and SiteAssist.™
  • Sites in same market can share advertising.
  • Doesn't require IRB approval.

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