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Know the status of your patients instantly.

Study Maximizer™ is CTM's advanced, user-friendly patient tracking system that details the status of every patient in the pipeline in real time. So you're always
up to date.

Study Maximizer™ was developed by Six Sigma Black Belts who are experts in portal design and have more than a decade of clinical trial patient recruitment experience.

From initial inquiry through enrollment and retention, Study Maximizer™ tracks recruitment by both patient and investigator. You'll always know how a study is progressing in real time with our easy-to-follow user interface. You can track:

  • Patient status.
  • Timeline adherence.
  • ROI of every outreach tactic.
  • Investigator productivity.

Study Maximizer™ data is fully encrypted, complies with all privacy regulations and is U.S./U.E. certified by the U.S. Dept. of Commerce.


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