Clinical Trial Media is the global patient recruitment, enrollment and retention firm with
a comprehensive suite of affordable products and services that can be tailored to your needs.


Successful patient recruitment starts with effective, efficient outreach.

Whether it's TV, radio, print, search, social media, digital display, direct mail, e-mail or other tactics, CTM targets the right people at the right time and place for maximum results. All over the world.

Since 1995, the clinical trial industry has turned to CTM for media buying and outreach expertise. All of our media buyers have been purchasing TV, radio, print and online media to recruit patients for over a decade, so they're experts at deploying the most effective and innovative outreach tactics.

CTM enjoys proprietary media relationships that enable us to offer several media buying advantages that other firms can't.

CTM's expertise extends to targeting special populations— children, seniors, minorities—with pinpoint accuracy and effectiveness.


Trial Without Error

Clinical Trial Media's blog about global patient recruitment and retention for clinical trials.


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