Clinical Trial Media is the global patient recruitment, enrollment and retention firm with
a comprehensive suite of affordable products and services that can be tailored to your needs.

Our approach

Since 1995, every one of our projects has been unique.

When we're asked about our process, we always say CTM doesn't have a set formula because every project has its own unique circumstances.

Our job is to create the most effective solutions to deliver patient enrollment on or ahead of schedule. To achieve this goal, we analyze every aspect of a study and develop customized solutions based on prior performance metrics from our extensive database.

Having worked on hundreds of studies in most therapeutic areas, CTM has created successful patient recruitment and retention programs for a wide variety of protocols around the globe.

We never stop learning, exploring and finding better ways to recruit, enroll and retain patients.


Trial Without Error

Clinical Trial Media's blog about global patient recruitment and retention for clinical trials.


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