Clinical Trial Media is the global patient recruitment, enrollment and retention firm with
a comprehensive suite of affordable products and services that can be tailored to your needs.


Clinical Trial Media started recruiting patients for clinical studies in 1995.

Since our inception, we've worked directly with sponsors, CROs and other patient recruitment providers, on hundreds of patient recruitment campaigns in virtually every therapeutic area.

Today, we offer all the products and services you need to successfully complete your clinical trial anywhere in the world. CTM proposes patient recruitment, enrollment and retention service recommendations only on an as-needed or "a la carte" basis to complete enrollment on time and on budget. Often we're even ahead of schedule.

CTM services include a nurse-staffed call center in addition to several unique offerings. And we're constantly utilizing technology and new media, such as social and mobile, to create better ways to recruit, enroll and retain patients.

CTM's founders still own the firm and are actively involved in daily operations. Most upper management, project managers and staff have been with us for many years.

Let CTM assess the state of your clinical study and map out
a road to patient recruitment, enrollment and retention success.

Trial Without Error

Clinical Trial Media's blog about global patient recruitment and retention for clinical trials.


Please contact us for information about CTM and how we can help make your next clinical trial a success.

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